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! Flamenco!

in the Hispanic Heritage Wing
Sunday November 22, 2015
to September 5, 2016
flamencoKnown as a folkloric art form that began among the Gypsy people of southern Spain, various influences have contributed to Flamenco from Phoenician and Roman times, through Islamic rule, to the early Christian period in Spain. The exhibition traces Flamenco to it's arrival in the United States, and it's rise as an International art form enjoyed by millions. The exhibition will feature costumes, play bills, instruments, paintings, and will be complemented by lectures, workshops and performances.

Blessings & Good Fortune:
Amulets, Offerings and Rituals from Asia

In the Cotsen Gallery, Neutrogena Wing
December 13, 2015 to March 19, 2016
blessingsWhat more can we ask than for blessings and good fortune? God, deities, nature spirits and other unseen forces exist in human belief, which can bring both great harm and great fortune to people on earth. Almost universally, yet through varied means and belief systems, people have found ways to connect with these powers to bring stability to their lives, to divert ill-will and harm, and to attract love, fertility, prosperity, longevity, and safety. . . essentially, to harness protection, blessings and good fortune for themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.

This exhibit invites visitors to explore some of the ways in which people seek and secure blessings and good fortune in Asia, a vast and culturally diverse region. Presented are amulets, votive offerings, and ritual objects- objects with other-worldly, divine qualities. These intricate and thoughtfully made works of art are drawn mostly from the museum's Asian collection and are exhibited together with unique media and engaging interactive gallery components.

Blessings and Good Fortune reflects wide-ranging practices of belief that, at the same time, depict the common human need or desire to attain balance and harmony in the physical and spiritual realms of life. [Photo: Ancestor Spirit House, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo by Felicia Katz-Harris].