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WPA painting on Book coverSin Nombre: Hispana & Hispano Artists of the New Deal Era
Winner, Southwest Book Award sponsored by the Border Regional Library Association and the Historical Society of New Mexico's Ralph Emerson Twitchell Award. Hundreds of Hispana & Hispano artists created works of art for the various New Deal programs, but until now have remained nameless - sin nombre. Dr. Tey Marianna Nunn dug deep into archives to uncover a wealth of information on New Mexican artists who were stereotyped and labeled as "craftsmen". This beautiful book with 70 color plates restores an important chapter in American art of the 1930's & 1940's to the public record and brings long overdue recognition to a generation of New Mexico artists. By Dr. Tey Marianna Nunn, Former Curator of Contemporary Hispano & Latino Collections. University of New Mexico Press, Hardcover $50.00. This research continues online at»

Neutrogena textile Book Cover The Extraordinary in the Ordinary
Highlights of the Neutrogena collection » donated to the Museum of International Folk Art, a fully illustrated 280-page volume edited by independent curator Mary Hunt Kahlenberg. The catalog also contains an introduction by donor Lloyd Cotsen and contributions by Kahlenberg and noted authors such as: Monni Adams, Irene A. Bierman, Reiko Mochinaga Brandon, William Conklin, Barbara Mauldin, Enid Schildkrout, John Vollmer, and John T. Wertime. Essays focus on various aspects of world traditions in Africa, Asia and the Americas, with topics ranging from ceremonial cloths of the Congo, to court robes of China, and to Venetian gondola prows. Published by Harry N. Abrams Inc. Hardcover $60.00, paperbound $35.00.

Masks of Mexico

Jaguar Mask Book coverMasked Festivals, found today throughout southern, central, and northwestern Mexico, express and celebrate the values and events of Mexico's diverse ethnic cultures. Vestiges of pre-Columbian ritual have long since melded with the religious, social, and political structures of the Spanish New World to yield an evolving tradition that blends pagan and Catholic religious observation with indigenous and cross-cultural concerns. By Barbara Mauldin, Former Curator of Latin American Collections, Museum of New Mexico Press. Clothbound: $45.00 Paperbound: $24.95

Native Star QuiltTo Honor and Comfort:
Native Quilting Traditions

Native quilters in North America and the Hawaiian Islands have long used color and design to create spectacular and innovative quilts. For more than 150 years, this craft has provided native peoples a continuing ritual medium to pass on their traditional artistic and cultural legacies. This remarkable book features more than 80 quilts, essays on contemporary and historical quilting traditions, images and meanings, documentary photographs, as well as profiles of quilters around the country. Edited by Marsha L. MacDowell and C. Kurt Dewhurst. Museum of New Mexico Press, Clothbound: $50.00, Paperbound: $35.00

Visonary Art by Carlo Vernacular Visionaries:
International Outsider Art
Edited by Annie Carlano, Former Curator of European and North American Collections at the Museum of International Folk Art and a team of international scholars illuminate the genre of outsider art through the works of mid-20th century artists from around the world. Beyond the artists featured in the exhibition » of the same title, the catalog includes American Artists William Hawkins and Charlie Willeto, and Nek Chand from India. Contributors include John Beardsley, Caterina Gemma Brenzoni, John Maizels, Jacques Mercier, Susan Brown McGreevy, Randall Morris,and Victoria Lu. Yale University Press, paperbound $29.95

Toy car, recycled reseenRecycled, Re-Seen: Folk Art
from the Global Scrap Heap

All over the world, folk artists are turning trash into treasure, using found and recycled materials to create objects of beauty, utility, whimsy, and personal and social significance. Focusing on the folk art practices of several cultures, Recycled, Re-Seen celebrates the transformative genius of these artists and explores the environments in which they live and work. Essays by twelve distinguished scholars in the fields of anthropology, art history, folklore, and American Studies offer an innovative profile of folk recycling as a metaphor for multiculturalism in the late 20th century. Edited by Charlene Cerny and Suzanne Seriff. Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Publishers, $29.95 Paperbound. More about this exhibition »

Spirit of Folk Art book coverThe Spirit of Folk Art:
The Girard Collection at
the Museum of International Folk Art

Perhaps the greatest contribution made by the Girard Collection» is its breadth, the fact that it encompasses so many of the world's cultures in its reach. It is the nature of the Girard Collection, and Girard's own evocative and eclectic tastes, that much of what they have single-handedly preserved is precisely what has not been collected by others, particularly museums, in any systematic fashion. Among such works are a broad category of ephemera, from Chinese door gods to European juvenile theaters; figurative ceramics, from Cochiti Pueblo to Calcutta, often deemed "tourist art" by the purists who view tradition as unresponsive to change, and toys, traditionally those objects most ignored by ethnographers. Objects such as these give mute testimony to the vision that marks the Girard Collection. Essays by Henry Glassie 276 pages with black and white and color plates Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers in association with the Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, $29.95 Clothbound

santo image on Book cover
New Mexico Santos:
Religious Images in the Spanish New World

What saint is this? is a question often asked when we are confronted with a traditional Hispanic religious figure. These simply carved and decorated wooden figures seem to epitomize the religious folk art of New Mexico. Presenting a collection of 42 of the most important and beloved New Mexico saints in elegantly rendered pen-and-ink washes, this small masterpiece features a thoughtful introduction and discerning identifying texts for each saint by the pioneering figure in the study of Spanish Colonial folk art, E. Boyd. By E. Boyd, foreword by Yvonne Lange, Ph.D., 64 pages with 42 duotone plates. Museum of New Mexico Press, $12.95 Paperbound

image of holy famly book coverTraditional Arts of Spanish New Mexico:
The Hispanic Heritage Wing at the Museum of International Folk Art

Tens of thousands of visitors are drawn each year to the Museum of International Folk Art, which houses the largest collection of New Mexican Hispanic folk art in the world. The unique nature of Spanish Colonial art in New Mexico, now recognized and collected the world over, stems in part from the isolation of Spain's northernmost frontier. Far removed from cultural centers in Mexico City and Spain, colonists in New Mexico enjoyed artistic liberties that lie at the heart of this unique Hispanic folk art. This book brings together superlative examples from this collection in the same accessible format as Folk Art from the Global Village. Essay by Robin Farwell Gavin. 104 pages with 100 color plates, Museum of New Mexico Press, $19.95 Clothbound.

rio grande textile imageRio Grande Textiles
This book celebrates the flowering and widespread recognition of this vibrant and distinctive art in a completely redesigned edition of the 1979 classic, Spanish Textile Tradition of New Mexico and Colorado. It features a new introduction by award-winning weaver Teresa Archuleta-Sagel that movingly recounts the impact of the original book's publication -- as an inspiration to her own life and work and as a keystone in the renaissance of proud craftsmanship among Hispanic weavers. Compiled and edited by Nora Fisher, Curator Emirta, Textiles & Costumes, Museum of International Folk Art. Introduction by Teresa Archuleta-Sagel. 196 pages with 125 and color plates, Museum of New Mexico Press, $29.95 Paperbound

graphic image of furniture designNew Mexico Furniture 1600-1940
The Origins, Survival, and Revival of Furniture Making in the Hispanic Southwest

Examining over 1,000 pieces of furniture under the auspices of the Museum of International Folk Art's New Mexico Furniture History Project, the authors note with careful scrutiny the hand of the artisan, his tools and materials, the evolving technology of the trade and the changing demands of the marketplace. As cultural historians, they pay particular attention to what the furniture as social document has to tell us about the society and culture that produced and used it. Essays by Lonn Taylor and Dessa Bokides. 336 pages with 225 black and white and 61 color plates
Museum of New Mexico Press, $45.00 Clothbound

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